Officer Goodman & Friends


Hi! I’m Officer Goodman. I have the pleasure of keeping the streets of Exceptional City safe for all residents. Because the community is important to me, I take great pride in protecting the town from the bad guys. Teaching youngsters about good citizenship is also a part of my job. I interact with the residents daily and can sometimes be found playing a game of basketball with the students at Achievement Academy.


Hi! My name is Chase and I’m an Honor Roll student at Achievement Academy. Science and math are my favorite school subjects. I like to observe my surroundings and practice my junior detective skills. If there’s a mystery to solve, I’ll be right there!


Hi! I’m Depa. Social studies is my favorite subject at the Achievement Academy. I love people and animals. I enjoy helping others, so my friends and I often volunteer at the local animal shelter. We also do our part to keep Exceptional City clean by assisting with litter cleanup campaigns.


My name is Ethan and I participate in many sports at Achievement Academy. My favorite school subject is Biology. I encourage my friends to eat healthy and exercise regularly. I’m never far away from my favorite skateboard. My friends and I can be found participating in various outdoor activities on any sunny day.


My name is Junjie. I’m also a student at the Achievement Academy. I belong to the Technology Club and can often be found in the school’s computer lab. I’m quite fond of video games and computer programs. My classmates join me in educational word-search games on the web.


I’m Maia. I’m also a student at the Achievement academy. I am huge history fan! I spend a great deal of time in the school and public library learning about historical and current events. My friends and I often create our own short stories based on people and experiences in Exceptional City.

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